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Kingdee consultants provide suggestions on IT planning and process optimization, and helps you to choose a solution that fits your needs. KIngdee provides a variety of consulting services, including high-end management training, enterprise-wide management and control consulting, business blueprint consulting, strategy consulting, human resources consulting, financial consulting, supply chain consulting, workflow consulting and IT planning consulting.

Business Values
Best practices gained from more than 1,000,000 customers are the best references for the IT planning and business process optimization of your enterprise.
Kingdee consultants with industry expertise and local know-how help you realize your business objectives.
Kingdee has industry-leading partners (famous IT operators such as IBM and HP), you will have access to the best IT support.

KingdeeWay rapid implementation method will help you to succeed in ERP system application,and help you to achieve the full value of ERP .

KingdeeWay rapid implementation method
Help your enterprise define goals and procedures of IT application, learn all tactics, methods, plans, goals, key points, risks and noteworthy matters to reduce implementation risks to the minimum; help you to prepare for any problem arises during the implementation and have a clear mind with the whole process.

Blueprint design
Help you fully understand the design and overall process of Kingdee products, guide your operational process reconstruction and enhance working efficiency; help you optimize core operational process in full way, define operational process according to your practical conditions to reflect your demand; you can further consolidate your management model and experience operational best practice.

System realization
Help you learn general methods and key points of data management; help your employees fully understand the design ideas and overall process of products and master the skills of software operation; help you regulate and consolidate operational process.

Check & handover
You may obtain data at any time during the check & handover of ERP system, which will help you make decisions, increase working efficiency and promote managerial performance.

Evaluation and optimization
Help you to evaluate the existing ERP system and provide a ROI Analysis Report. By comparing the data before and after the application of the ERP, we can help you to have a quantitative idea of the value brought about by the ERP, and provide effective assistance to the further in-depth application. By so doing, we intend to synchronize the ERP with enterprise development, and eventually, enable the ERP to provide your enterprise better service.

Characteristics of Kingdee Implementation Service
. Based on value achieved
. Fast application and fast effect achieved
. Knowledge Transmission

Kingdee training and certification will improve your skills in software and develop in-depth ERP application for you by providing effective and overall online, self-help and on-site training courses.

Strengths of Kingdee’s Training Service
. Standard training certification system
. Recognized certificate
. Abundant true cases
. Flexible and diverse training modes

When your problems cannot be solved through hotline, internet or long-distance service, we can provide on-site service.The Kingdee product feedback system works as a platform to provide you with effective communication channels with product management and R&D departments of the Kingdee headquarters.

Characteristics of the Kingdee demand feedback service
. The convenient, fast online feedback exchange platform serves you free of charge.
. Listen to your suggestions directly without repeated communication in multiple links.
. Professional, authoritative product experts.
. Unified, standard handling process.
. Scientific, reasonable demand planning.


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